Beauty Vertical

​In addition to the Juvenilis Institute for Beauty and Vitality, our Beauty Vertical, Juvenilis GmbH, as part of the corevision Group, has grown since 2013 to become one of the largest online sellers in the beauty and well-being segment. The portfolio includes more than 250 brands and over 8,000 products throughout Europe.

Juvenilis GmbH is the only company in the world to offer a solution for beauty, food, and supplement manufacturers to generate price stability through direct marketing (D2C). The basis of this solution is the corevision Framework, a scalable, AI-based cloud technology that can be used worldwide to optimize sales through marketplaces and other online channels, maximizing margins and growth without requiring brand owners to use additional resources.

In particular, in the beauty and well-being segment, the customer’s first contact with a brand often occurs through selective trade (such as beauty salons, drugstores, and organic stores). Price stability is essential for the success of a brand in this segment.

Juvenilis GmbH purchases products from the manufacturers. The manufacturers receive the end consumer sales and have complete price control. This typically doubles the revenue in the balance sheet and increases profits compared to traditional B2B sales.



Management Team

Jörg Hubacher

Jörg Hubacher

Chief Executive Officer

Jörg Hubacher has been active as an entrepreneur for 30 years and is involved in AI systems and software architectures. He is the Vice President of the German Online Retail Association.

Klaus Jung

Klaus Jung

Specialist Beauty & Supplements

Klaus Jung, as Managing Director of Juvenilis GmbH, is a trained biochemist and naturopath with his own biochemical laboratory. He has years of experience in anti-aging and natural medicine.