We sell your products.
​You will receive endconsumer sales and price control.

You have full control over your brand on the relevant online marketplaces, especially Amazon. We help you to tap into new sales channels and international markets. All marketing processes are managed through a unique AI-based solution. You don’t need to build any resources.

Are you a brand manufacturer facing the following challenges?

  • Lack of sufficient control over sales prices

  • Rising raw material prices

  • Damage to the brand image due to inadequate product presentation and incorrect content on online marketplaces

  • Divergent interests between manufacturers and retailers

  • Unsatisfied brick-and-mortar retailers due to low prices in online retail

  • Lack of transparency regarding your end customers

How to secure your brand control​



We take care of all aspects of direct marketing through online channels such as Amazon using our AI-based solution.


We purchase the goods from you at the moment of the end-customer purchase and pay you the revenue generated from the end customer sale.


Although we are in a B2B relationship, you receive B2C revenue.


We guarantee that you have full control over the end-customer prices and brand representation.


​We assume full risk and charge only a revenue share. Any third-party costs incurred will be passed on without any markup.


Optimizing profit margins & profitability

100 % of end customer revenue remains with you

Fast, low-risk global expansion – without your own resources​

Credibility in brick-and-mortar retail due to price stability​

100% price control and brand protection for you

A single point of contact for your direct-to-consumer business – even internationally.

D2C-as-a-service: We think e-commerce differently

We think e-commerce differently by developing a direct-to-consumer model for various online marketplaces worldwide. This allows you to control your prices and manage your returns according to your business goals without internal resources or high investments. With this approach, you receive the end-customer revenues, which additionally benefit your balance sheet with higher revenues.

In addition to Germany, we offer you uncomplicated access to new growth markets worldwide. If desired, we will market your products in compliance with regulations in the United KingdomFranceItalySpain, the NetherlandsSweden, der TurkeyPoland, the United StatesCanadaMexikoBrazilJapanIndiaAustraliaSingaporeSaudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

To be successful in the complex marketplace world, an integrated and interconnected approach is required. D2C-as-a-service means just that: we take the risk with you, manage every step of the sales journey, and measure ourselves by continuous growth.