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Digital Strategy

Development of an individual strategy & roadmap, support during implementation


Development of data strategies, implementation of data projects


Digitalization of B2B-Business Models


Development and implementation of D2C-Models

Digital strategy as an integral part of your corporate strategy

In the last few years, e-commerce has been subject to significant dynamism and constant change.

The rapid development of digitalization has increasingly challenged companies to analyze, supplement, and expand existing sales and operational processes. An individual strategy and digital transformation play a central role in this.

The digital strategy acts as a compass, shaping the long-term vision that all digital activities align with.

We develop implementation-oriented digital strategies for you that enable all employees to implement targeted digital initiatives. Our approach focuses on building or expanding competitive advantages and optimizing the core business while expanding the business model.

Benefit from the potential of your data

Big data is the gold of the future.

Make decisions based on analyses and interpretations of your data, and scale your business model accordingly.

The more data your company collects from various digital sources, the more you can make of it. Data-driven companies have recognized this and have integrated big data, AI, and GPT-4 into their business strategies. Their focus is on intelligent data analysis. With appropriate models, future events can be predicted, their immediate impact forecasted, and the affected processes accordingly processed.

We help you establish “data management” as one of the key success factors in your company.

Digital Strategy B2B

E-commerce has undergone significant dynamics and constant change in recent years.

Driven by online commerce with its extensive product offerings, detailed content, sophisticated customer experience features, and fast delivery, high demands are placed.

This also applies increasingly to B2B e-commerce. In our opinion, every B2B company can quickly and sustainably succeed digitally.

We show how your company can undergo digital transformation step by step. After a detailed analysis of the status quo, we work together to develop a strategic concept and individual solutions for your digital success.


We are the experts in the field of D2C.
As part of the corevison Group we help you to build up a D2C business in a short time and to open up new sales channels and international markets.